Winter Steelhead

This beautiful native Steelhead came from the waters of the river I live beside, the aptly named Salmon River. Millions of years ago one of its trout ancestors went to the mouth of a river and decided to exchange a diet of fresh-water bugs for the nutritious and oily schools of herring, anchovy, sand lance and shrimp in the salty waters of the sea.

Image Size: 15” X 36” X 1 5/8”
3D gyotaku, one-of-a-kind Original work on white “ma” washi paper with Balsa wood shims. Printed in archival inks - flush mounted on FSC hardwood panel with black lacquer edge and sealed with UV protection/ matte varnish. (See a close up of the 3D dimension of this piece below

• Artist retains the rights to reproduce any original artwork offered on this site.

Type: Unknown Type

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