The Flare of a Chinook Salmon Tail

This caudal fin, or tail, is the great “engine" of the Chinook Salmon, sending them in great bursts and glides. The scale pattern at the nape of the tail is my favorite spot on a salmon…I also love how this 3D version literally lifts off the surface…in motion!

Image Size: 13.5” X 14” X 2”
3D gyotaku one-of-a-kind Original work on white “ma” washi paper with Balsa wood shims and printed in archival inks- mounted in a custom lacquered hard-wood floater frame and sealed with UV protection/ matte varnish. (See a close up of the 3D dimension of this piece below

• Artist retains the rights to reproduce any original artwork offered on this site.

Type: Unknown Type

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