Pacific Albacore Tuna at 50 MPH

One-of-a-kind original: $395
Image Size: 24" x 16"

I hand printed this Gyotaku, (or fish rubbing) directly from the Albacore on MA rice paper with Gamblin Fine Art Inks, in September of 2017. Signed with species, location, my signature, red chop and date.

The surface of this original artwork was sealed with an invisible matte UV coating, it was then applied with archival adhesives to a custom made 1.5” deep hardwood panel which has black enameled sides and mounting slots ready for hanging.

Limited edition print: $110
Image Size: 24" x 16"
This image was printed on 90 lb matte watercolor paper with archival inks. I sign each of these with my signature and red chop in a limited edition of 12. 

The story: This 28 lb Albacore Tuna was caught by hand jigging, 40 miles off of the Oregon Coast.  

Type: Unknown Type

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