Eye of the Whale

One-of-a-kind Gyotaku Print: SOLD

Image Size: 16" x 16" 

This extraordinary impression was taken from a 17 year old juvenile Grey Whale that died of starvation off of the Westwind Spit on Oregon’s central Coast. I was lucky enough to print its right eye the next day in memory of this beautiful creature that perished due to changes in the climate that rendered the Gulf of Alaska much too hot to sustain the Krill that Grey Whales thrive upon.This piece is a collaboration between my dear friend (and true Gyotaku master) Dwight Hwang who illustrated its pupil, and myself who stood knee deep in salt water, and a stiff north wind, to pull this impression.

This one-of-a-kind original was printed on Mulberry paper with archival inks, and then mounted on a FSC birch panel with black lacquered edges and sealed with a matte varnish and UV coating. All panels are ready to be hung.

• Artist retains the rights to reproduce any original artwork offered on this site.

Type: Unknown Type