Nocturne Octopus

One-of-a-kind Gyotaku Print: SOLD

Image Size: 24" x 36" 

These extraordinary creatures, are both playful and intelligent, hunt at night, and amazingly enough, are evolved from the clam family. They are the original “blue bloods of the ocean” as they have high concentrations of copper in their blood. These giant pacific octopus have three hearts, nine brains, and live to be only 5 years of age, even though they can grow upwards of 25 feet and 500 pounds.

This one-of-a-kind original was printed on Mulberry paper with archival inks, and then mounted on a FSC birch panel with black lacquered edges and sealed with a matte varnish and UV coating. All panels are ready to be hung.

Type: Unknown Type

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