Fish in a tree-Tree in a fish / Sitka Spruce round and Wilson River Steelhead - Original

The largest single pulse of nitrogen or “tree food” is the bodies of millions of Salmon that nourish the NW Forests each year. In turn the trees shade the rivers keeping them cool for the Salmon as well as minimizing siltation which impacts their eggs and spawning.

We had a King when this 321 year old Sitka started growing in the earth here on the west coast. Since then it fell into a coastal river and was swept out to sea and then onto the sand spit at Westwind where we harvested a thin slice of it. Then we sanded, (2 days) flame treated  and then brushed out the soft spring wood until it made into a "printing plate”

I caught this hatchery Steelhead buck and a cool morning in March on the coastal Wilson River. I will print him many times over and over again, honoring his life.

Image Size: 47.875"w X 29.5"h 
Original impression printed in Titanium white archival inks on Unryu black Mulberry paper and mounted to a  FSC hardwood panel with black lacquered sides

• Artist retains the rights to reproduce any original artwork offered on this site.

Type: Unknown Type

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