321 Year Old Sitka Spruce and Eagle Feather - Original

This is my favorite tree of all. The Sitka Spruce only grows within a few miles of the sea, enjoying the moist air and big salty winds that help make it so strong and tall. This specimen washed up at the beach at Westwind and was harvested into a round by my dear friend Scotty Evens. The eagle feather is from an immature bald eagle and I found it washed up on the same sand spit shoreline, having been dropped as this bird molted to its adult plumage.

Image Size: 50"w X 32"h
Mulberry Bark Paper mounted on FSC birch panel with black lacquered sides. Printed in archival Payne’s Grey inks.

• Artist retains the rights to reproduce any original artwork offered on this site.

Type: Unknown Type

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